How to spot a real cash buying property company from a broker?

Selling your house is quick and simple with Any Property Wanted we offer a secured solution to your property sale. As one of the very few genuine cash buyers of properties across the West Midlands we will buy your property for below market value and in exchange offer a sale which could allow you to receive cash proceeds in as little as 10 days.

We deal with a variety of individual circumstances ranging from emigration, separation, bereavement, downsizing to financial difficulty. Whatever the circumstances at Any Property Wanted we have the solution to provide you a confidential and guaranteed sale.

In this blog post we uncover the tell tale signs to look for to distinguish between a genuine property buying company or a broker.

Since the inception of companies offering a quick sale for your property there has been the dawn of a new type of organisation often claiming to be real cash buyers of property but are often property brokers looking to make a commission from selling your property to a property investor.

A genuine cash buying property company will never make a claim to offer a 100% of market value. 

All cash buying companies like any other organisation are here to make a business profitable and viable and therefore will only offer between 80-90% of true market value.  It would simply be unviable for us and other genuine organisations to offer 100%.

As we pay all legal fees and all other associated fees we need to achieve a profit to operate and offering 100% market value is a sure fire way to spot a broker.

11th hour problems? 

Property Brokers often meet with individuals in difficult situations looking to achieve the best possible price for their property and proceed to make the most competitive offer on the market.  This compels anyone to opt for this choice but invariably when an agreement is signed and sale well progressed a broker will revert to a much lower offer leaving the vendor no choice but to go ahead having made the legal commitment.

Option Agreements 

An option agreement is a legally binding document that ties you into selling your property to a particular buying company and blocks you from selling to any other buyer for a period of time. Option agreements are used by brokers who do not have the funds available to buy your property directly and are used to tie you in while they try to find a buyer for your property.

Cash in your account in 2 days. 

A broker will often make claims of providing you with the cash in your account within 2 days. The task of buying your property within this short period of time is misleading and unrealistic. The average sale time for a cash buying company from start to finish is two weeks but on some occasions as little as 7 days. Any company offering a 2 day sale will invariably be a broker who will make the individual commit to signing an agreement.

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