How much will I get for my house?

Sell my house fast west midlands

At Any Property Wanted we are one of the trusted few regulated house buying companies in the West Midlands.

Our approach is always transparent and we outline here how we value and subsequently make an offer for your house.

How much can we offer for your house?

How much we can offer for your house depends on a number of factors. Typically at Any Property Wanted our valuation of your house is 80% of its market value. Although this may seem low we pay all fees and can complete in a timescale to suit you.

Our Illustration below highlights below the other options available below and the final amount you will typically receive by using the conventional and non conventional options.. As highlighted in a previous blog the real amount from the marketed selling price can vary as much as 15%.

Sell my house fast west midlands

What does a ‘genuine’ cash buyer mean?

This term of ‘ genuine cash buyers’ is used widely by direct property buying companies across the UK but seldom applies to the majority of companies marketing themselves as genuine cash buyers.

As covered more extensively in previous blogs many property buying companies will make an offer that may seem attractive with declarations of providing 100% of market value.

What typically is done by these companies is for you as the seller to sign into an ‘option agreement’ which impedes you selling your house to anybody else for a set period of time.

During this time the organisation will market your property to private investors will simultaneously repeatedly requesting for you to reduce the price for a sale.

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