Selling your property can be an overwhelming experience. Often asking yourself who do I trust? Will they break there promises? Will they complete in time? These are all valid questions in which you must be completely satisfied with when selling your property.

At Any Property wanted we stick by a set of core principles which we have outlined below which form part of our Ethical Approach Policy.

We are local.

At Any Property Wanted we keep it simple. We are midlands based and therefore have an expert knowledge of our local market and only buy properties within the region. This helps our customers as we do not provide inaccurate online appraisals for your property and better placed to offer a more personal service.

We believe everyone individual circumstances are different and therefore much prefer to meet you in person to discuss your requirements.

No Last Minute Changes – What we offer is what you are paid.

Unlike other property buyers our core values are to act with integrity and transparency.

If you accept our initial offer we instruct a RICS surveyor to officially value your property at our cost. This ensures our offer is accurate and fair. From this report we then make you a formal offer and if you are happy with this and accept, this is the final figure you will receive.

Our price promise ensures what we offer is what you are paid and not a penny less.

You pay no fees.

We cover all fees from RICS surveyor fee to all solicitor fees.

If you decide not to go ahead we do not continue to call you.

Selling your property can be a very overwhelming decision to make. Each individual circumstances are different and we try and direct you to the best available option even if that means you do not sell to us. Therefore we respect your decisions and will not keep hassling you for business.

We respect your privacy.

We understand how important your privacy is and never pass your details on to third parties. We offer 100% confidentiality throughout the process.

Simple, Honest and Helpful.

These are the overriding principles of our business. We do not attempt to confuse you with technical jargon and therefore instruct an independent solicitor for you who is on hand to deal with any questions you have in complete confidence.

Simply put we play it fair and square.